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ImageI’m addicted to working from home. There are more than one hundred ways to work from home. This story is about my personal journey, and what I’ve learned along the way. Read on and you will have information it took me years to acquire. 

Virtual Call Centers

It doesn’t have to take years to meet your goal of working from home full-time. You simply need to know where to look for opportunities. It took me quite a while because the only resource I knew was word-of-mouth referrals. My journey began when my son was born. I was a single mom, yet I wanted to be home with him as much as possible. I also discovered that the cost of childcare is incredibly high! Through word of mouth I learned that it was possible to earn money online. I couldn’t quit my job and dive in head first, so I worked as an independent contractor for Liveops. Working with Liveops did two great things for me.

  1. I could work any time of day or night, which meant I could keep my job while testing the work at home waters.
  2. Liveops has a large pool of contractors who share information via the forum. This meant I was able to learn about new opportunities all the time.

So, my work at home career started in the virtual call center at Liveops. Over the years I discovered that virtual call center jobs including management, telephone sales, technical support, and customer service offered the most opportunity. They aren’t always the highest paying jobs, but there are opportunities for advancement. Also, consider the trade-off. Workers save on transportation, wardrobe, childcare, and food costs. I also work in a comfortable environment, and usually choose my own work schedule. These jobs suit those who can appreciate the perks; and people who need flexibility because of their existing full time job, school, kids etc.

Below I will list several legitimate websites to get started. Each site will allow you to read about and apply for jobs with the company. There are a variety of call types for each company and they all do business differently. Sometimes it takes a while to hear from them and sometimes it happens quickly. Most have paid training, but some do not. Some hire you as an employee, and others take you on as an independent contractor. Some have a set schedule, some have very flexible schedules. Usually the most you will need for start up is internet service, land line phone service, computer, desk phone, headset, and a background check fee (this fee does not apply if you will be a hired employee).

Virtual Call Centers:

Independent Contractor work with extremely flexible schedule and potential to earn more over time
Learn more

American Express
Traditional employment
Learn more

Aspire Lifestyles (formally Vipdesk)
Traditional employment
Learn more

Traditional employment
Learn more

Alpine Access
Traditional employment
Learn more

ACD Direct
Independent Contractor work
Learn more

Traditional employment
Learn more

Traditional employment
Learn more


29 thoughts on “Work from Home Online

  1. As a Mommy Blogger, I work from home and while it’s one of the hardest jobs I’ve done in terms of scheduling my day, balancing work and family. But, I absolutely love it. I make a very modest income, but love the prospect of earning more with the intention of putting in more effort. I control my level of success!

  2. Two of my sisters work for very large companies in a customer service capacity, and both have transitioned into working from home in the last year. They both love it. It’s nice to see more and more companies going in this direction.

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  5. I have witnessed the wonderful way to earn a living thru this type of employment. By the way, Love the Mother and Child models in the advertisement photo. 🙂

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